It’s the Spooky Season – Finally

Getting cheeky with Candyman, Candyman, Candyman In October 2020, two months after I started an MFA in Creative Writing Program, I was diagnosed with Lupus. Lupus is an autoimmune disease that feeds on stress – hours of reading and writing, freaking out over deadlines, and the obliteration of consistent sleep and self-care has kept me in a constant flare-up for […]

Happy Halloween

Because I love to celebrate Halloween, my dogs are often forced to celebrate with me. As you can tell Dean (the smiling dinosaur) loves a good dress up, on the other hand Sofie (the grumpy mermaid) would rather I leave her sleeping on the couch. Hope you all had a magical fun size candy Halloween.


In 2019, knowing that I loved all things Halloween, my old boss arranged a business trip to Florida so that I could go to Universal Studios Florida’s Halloween Horror Nights. 2019 was a rough year. I began the year in the hospital for a week fighting Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP). In my case, it was life threatening. My platelets (those […]


Over the moon to have my post about scary short stories that get me in the mood for Halloween included on the Horror Writers Association’s blog.


Sometimes a girl just wants to be scary for Halloween. I was working at DreamWorks Animation on Halloween 2007. I had only been working there as a temp for a few months. Of course, the perfect way to endear my new coworkers to me and get hired permanently was obviously dressing as a 30 Days of Night vampire. DreamWorks makes […]

The Halloween Project – Day Three

Sometimes the fun of a costume is that it has another deeper level to it. Sure, I adore Alice in Wonderful. She is disobedient, stubborn, resourceful, curious, intelligent, and imaginative. But this costume was also a “secret message” to my work crush. At my old paralegal job, I would sit outside at lunchtime reading a book on a bench waiting […]

The Halloween Project Day 2

Another Disney character – this time Sleeping Beauty (I don’t care about your branding program Disney we all know this dress should be blue). But the color of my dress was not the reason for the pissy face. Right after high school, I moved in with my high school boyfriend. I was married by the age of 19 and divorced […]

The Halloween Project

Halloween means so many different things to different people. For some people it is a chance to be an idealized version of ourselves – superhero, Disney princess, vampire, or sexy…well these days there are sexy costumes for anything you can think of – I’m holding out for the sexy sloth costume myself. Sometimes a costume is a chance to remember […]

Grief and Dean Winchester the Beagle

Last year my father got prostate cancer  (I found out through a message on Facebook from one of his neighbors in Kentucky) and within a few weeks he was gone.  I was glad he was not suffering anymore but I was left numb and confused and missing a piece of me.  Two months after I lost my dad, my beloved […]

Monsterpalooza 2016

My new day job (last year I ended up moving from the house the ogre built back to the house the monsters built), my training to become a yoga teacher and my blossoming belly dance career have taken the majority of my time, energy and soul the past 6 months. Unfortunately, this left little time for sleep, friends and monsters […]