Monsterpalooza 2016

My new day job (last year I ended up moving from the house the ogre built back to the house the monsters built), my training to become a yoga teacher and my blossoming belly dance career have taken the majority of my time, energy and soul the past 6 months. Unfortunately, this left little time for sleep, friends and monsters (unless work related).  Enter my monster fairy godmother.  My friend happened to have an extra wristband she wasn't using,  so I was able to go to Monsterpalooza this past Sunday.  Dressed in my finest horror convention gear - i.e., my favorite Frankenstein shirt and dirty tennis shoes, I headed to the ball - I mean the Pasadena Civic Center.

Here are some of my favorite moments from the day:


At Clive Barker's both, posing with a model of Shuna Sassi from the movie Nightbreed (I'm told that this is part of Clive's personal collection). Nightbreed is based on one of my favorite Clive Barker books, Cabal.


Not sure why - but it looks like Pinhead just fed me a line I don't know how to respond to.  Probably something about showing me his box.


He looks scary but really this demon was a big kitty who actually purred in my ear.

elissasara2 elissacrackinup

But my favorite moment by far - I didn't know Sara Karloff, Boris' daughter was at the show.  She is such a lovely and kind woman that when I got all teared up (rookie Fan Girl moment) talking to her about Boris, she held my hand.  I had to walk the convention room before I could calmly come back and take these pictures.  The second picture was after she told me she didn't bite and I told her she could if she wanted to.  "No, that is the other character", she joked shaking her head.


"To Elissa Don't be nervous!" - Sara Karloff

Special thanks to my friend Nadja who was my partner in crime at the convention and who took all the photos of me.