The Halloween Project Day 2

The Halloween Project Day 2

Another Disney character - this time Sleeping Beauty (I don't care about your branding program Disney we all know this dress should be blue). But the color of my dress was not the reason for the pissy face.

Right after high school, I moved in with my high school boyfriend. I was married by the age of 19 and divorced by 23. No one was surprised when my marriage imploded - me and my ex-husband spent 10 years fighting, breaking up, and getting back together again.

In 1995, broken up for good, I was building a life of my own for the first time. I was excited to celebrate my first Halloween in my first apartment. I was dressed like my favorite Disney princess - the one that believed True Love conquers all. I wasn't sleeping anymore - I wasn't sure I still believed in love. I hoped dressing like Prince Aurora would remind me that I believed in soulmates and fairytale endings.

My apartment was decorated and I had bags of the best candies - full size Reese Peanut Butter Cups and Hershey's Chocolate Bars. I was ready for crowds of kids but none came. What I didn't realize is that kids don't go to apartments. My first adult Halloween had been a bust.

I think the best part of this photo is I had no idea my Bassett/Boxer mix, Madison (rescued from the Los Angeles East Valley Shelter) was under my gown protecting me and trying to remind me some times your soulmate is a short, stubborn, bed hog who helps you heal after your heart gets broken.