Happy New Year


Happy New Year!

I'm slowly overcoming the Holiday inertia and a new real blog post will be up real soon (scouts honor). While I work on my next post, here are some more fun Murder Tweets I've written since Thanksgiving:

Topic:  Cats - Once sacred gifts to the great feline deity, the bones of the mummified kittens were sold as cheap souvenirs to tourists.

Topic:  Sleeping & Holidays - The sugarplum fairies were nestled safe in their beds, visions of eating kids from the naughty list danced in their heads.

Topic:  Werewolves - He knew he needed a Lycan support group when he woke up naked on the neighbors' lawn with their cat's head in his mouth.

Topic:  Robot - When the Robot glitched, one could see for a moment the face of the girl trapped inside pleading for forgiveness & release

Topic:  Zombies - The zombie turkey filled with stuffing & hate, carved the Jones for thanksgiving & served their brains on mom's nice plates