Scary Fun with Twitter

One of the things I look forward to each week on Twitter is getting a horror writing prompt from my friend Murder the Tweets @murderthetweets.  Here are some of the mini-horror stories I’ve had fun making up using 140 characters or less.

Theme of the week: Soda - The porcelain creatures fixed the fountain so that instead of soda it now dispenses the fresh warm blood of the townspeople

Theme of the week:  Mythical creature - the bullheaded monster, murderous offspring of man & white beast, fed on the bodies of the pure sacrificed for peace.

Theme of the week:  Tongue Twisters - Frightened Frankie fitfully flung the freaked out female into the falls, forgetting father said friends don't fling friends

Theme of the week:  Painting - The painting of mom was a nifty reminder to move the old bag's body before the contractors found it under the porch.

Theme of the week:  Letter W- The witches plagued the Puritans in visions & dreams, casting spells & chanting curses on those who burned their sisters

Theme of the week: Letter U- The undulating belly dancer with her 7 veils the king so wanted to mate; he gave her the head of the Baptist on a plate

Theme of the week:  Letter P- The Puritans, crazed by need and drunk on verse, burned the witches, until their yearning loins and minds were at peace.

Theme of the week: Letter N- Needles, shiny, sharp and cold, sewed the found pieces of highway flesh into friends for lonely dead hands to hold

M-The monsters, newlywed, flipped the bird as they drove out of the burning village, dragging the doctor from their bumper

L -The lovers sent care packages filled with their freshly sliced off tattoos, sharing the illustrated bits of their souls